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Candidate for Coös District 1 State Rep
For the people of Dalton, Lancaster, Northumberland (Groveton) & Stratford

Cathleen Fountain ...

What sets you apart from others that a voter will vote for you?

“What sets me apart is military service, 30 plus years in the field of accounting, working in healthcare, industry & customer service. Add to that the skill set learned to listen to fellow students and recognize the technique needed to tutor them in Mathematics & Accounting that led them not only to pass but to truly understand.

I earned my degree at Southern New Hampshire University, and yes, I will date myself with this, back when it was known as New Hampshire College. I was earning my degree at their off-campus facility at Brunswick Naval Air Station in Brunswick, Maine. While going through my courses fellow students needed help with Math. It started with 2 or 3 of my classmates sitting around my kitchen table as I taught them, and my three children played in the living room. It grew to the point of the mathematics professor placing my name and phone number on his blackboard at the start of his course and the head of the off-campus facility providing a classroom for me to use. By this time, I was also tutoring accounting, and the key with all of this is that I volunteered my time. The goal was to help them to not just pass but understand and appreciate how they actually use it in their life each day. The end result by the time I and my family transferred to a new duty station in Virginia, a story told about a new program of “Students helping Students” where students tutoring students at no cost earned credits towards their college courses while helping fellow students.

You might just ask, well how does this apply to working in the legislature, well simply one needs the skill set to listen, recognize the issue, and then work towards a resolution of that issue with the resources you find or are provided. The goal is not just to resolve an issue to pass, but to have one that improves the quality of life for all that are affected by that issue.”