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Candidate for Coös District 1 State Rep
For the people of Dalton, Lancaster, Northumberland (Groveton) & Stratford

Cathleen Fountain ...

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  • US Navy Veteran
  • 30 Plus Years in Business/Accounting
  • Third term as Supervisor of the Checklist 
  • Third term as Library Trustee, Dalton
  • Served as Trustee of the Trust Funds, Dalton
  • Served as Planning Board Secretary, Dalton
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Cathleen ....                       
Cares about the North Country

Reuse Existing Components
  • Affordable Quality Housing
  • Economic Growth & Development
  • Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
  • Quality Affordable Healthcare for ALL . . .Improved Mental Healthcare. . .
    and . . . Freedom in Women's Healthcare reproductive choices!
  • Support Schools, Family Leave, & Child Care Programs!
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Beauty of the North Country

We need to protect our resources.

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Students Helping Students

Read more about the start of this program from The Night Owl 
The New Hampshire College/BNAS Campus Paper

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